Unexploded Ordnance in Oosterbeek

With thanks to Niall Cherry for bringing to our attention the following article in the De Gelderlander newspaper:


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The police and the Maritime Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service (EOD) are looking for ammunition from the Second World War in the water near the ferry sidewalk in Oosterbeek. Two magnet fishermen saw six to seven mortar shells in the water there.

Suzanne Huibers 15-03-22, 14:41 Last update: 15-03-22, 14:51

“We are now working with divers to see what the ammunition is,” said an EOD spokesman. “We are trying to get the ammunition above water. Is that dangerous? Basically not, unless it contains phosphorus. That reacts when oxygen is added.”

Ban on metal detectors
The number of finds of war equipment is still large. Certainly also in and around Oosterbeek, where heavy fighting took place in September 1944. That is why a ban on the use of metal detectors was imposed in the municipality of Renkum more than ten years ago. The risks are increasing due to the age and poor condition of explosives and ammunition.

Magnet fishing is also prohibited. “I hope that if those fishermen find something, they will report it to us. Just as the two who found the mortar shells have now done so,” said the spokesman for the EOD.

The divers are first collecting everything. “Only when we have found everything, will we make a plan how we are going to destroy the ammunition

EOD employees inspect a mortar shell that was found in the Rhine near Heveadorp. 
Divers search the water for more weapons of war. © Gert Budding