Issue 54 April 2020
An interesting story of a man who didn’t get to Arnhem - CQMS William Cox
Dunkirk 1940 and Arnhem 1944
75 years on

Issue 53 February 2020
Obituary Henk Tiemens
One man from a very small unit at Arnhem
The 1st Parachute Battalion Part 2
Commemoration Wiltshire Monument

Issue 52 December 2019
Obituary Joe Mawdsley
Wageningen, Sunday morning 17th September 1944 - 11.37
The 75th Anniversary Arnhem 1944Fellowship Battlefield Tour Or ‘Just a Minute’
The Oosterbeek Railway Crossing and the 1st Parachute Battalion Part 1

Issue 51 October 2019
Report on AGM
Driel 2019
Booklet ‘The Battle round the bridge of Arnhem’

Issue 50 August 2019
How to get Brigadiers Lathbury and Hackett out of Holland
Tour reports Apeldoorn the Arnhem Aftermath and Of Glider Pilots and Poles
Possibly the worst ever book printed on Arnhem

Issue 49 June 2019
Obituary Steve Morgan
John Cowhey the last man from the 2nd Parachute Battalion?
Amendment to ‘Come in Number 11’
Norman Jones APTC attached to the 10th Parachute Battalion
Extra information on Guy Byam

Newsletter Number 48 - April 2019
Alan Mack continuation
Correction to Desert Rise Arnhem Descent
Guy Byam War Reporter

Newsletter Number 47 - February 2019
Alan Gauntlett obituary
Come in number 11 your time is up!
Arthur Brice South Staffords

Newsletter Number 46 - December 2018
Secretary's spot - Annual membership reminder, look forward for 2019
Obituary Pte Peter J Faithorne, 3 Platoon, 21st Independent Parachute Company by Allan Esler Smith
Arnhem Commemorations 20118 by Anne Arnold & Joan Hazelhurst (Australia)
151/156 Parachute Battalion reunion dinner menu
The Bilderberg Hotel Oosterbeek & the Battle of Arnhem
The battle of Arnhem & the First World War Part 3

Newsletter Number 45 - October 2018
Secretary's spot - Comments on the 74th Commemoration events
AGM Reports - Chairman David Locke
Treasurer Graham Francis
Secretary Niall Cherry
Special recognition of Arno Baltussen - Foundation  Driel - Polen
2018 Battlefield Tour Report - Battle in the town (speed dating with the Fellowship)!
Members visit to Brookwood Cemetary 02/06/18
A Delicate Matter - Those who say they were at Arnhem - and were not

Newsletter Number 44 - August 2018
Secretary's spot - Key events for September
AGM Friday 21st September
Battlefield Walk - 21st September
Ginkel Heath - 22nd September
Cemetery 23rd September

Comments on the Beevor Arnhem Book
Captain Willie Taylor the IO of 1st parachute Brigade
250 (Airborne) Light Composite Company RASC - the first 24 hours
The battle of Arnhem & the First World War Part 2

Newsletter Number 43 - June 2018
Secretary's spot - Thinking about accommodation for 2019
Arnhem 2018:
Friday 21st September 2018 AGM & Fellowship Walk
Saturday 22nd September 2018 Ginkel Heath
Sunday 23rd September 2018 Tea & Coffee stall Oosterbeek Cemetery
Message from Lieutenant General Browning discovered by John Howes at the National Archive, Kew
Battlefield Tour - The Three Bridgeheads - Saturday 14th April 2018
Battlefield Tour - The Border Regiment - Friday 13th April 2018
The US Airborne Tour Aldbourne and Ramsbury - Saturday 5th May 2018

Newsletter Number 42 - April 2018
Secretary's spot - Victoria Cross exhibition Hartenstein
The Clark Air Portable Bulldozer
The Battle of Arnhem and the Great War: Part 1 by Graham Francis
Major Christopher Perrin-Brown
Memorial at Dakota crash site
Moor Park

Newsletter Number 41 - February 2018
Secretary's spot - welcome to new members
Tribute to Brigadier General Alfons Wiktor MACKOWIAK "Alma"
Photographs of Ted Short 11th Parachute Battalion
The White House
"A Bridge Too Far" parachuting plans
Wreath laying ceremony
156 & 10th Parachute Battalions Reunion Saturday 9th September 2017
Sunday, 10th September 2017 Somerby Church Near Oakham
4th Parachute Brigade Battlefield Tour "Wolfheze to Hackett's Hollow Thursday 14/09/17
Walking in their footsteps - New Book Launch Oosterbeek
Appeal from a member - seeking POW information

Newsletter Number 40 - December 2017
Presidents end of year message
Chairman's end of year message
Secretary's spot - Reminder for Annual members to renew membership
Major Lewis Golden - Royal Corps of Signals
David Whiteman - Royal Army Medical Corps
Lt Hugh Ashmore - 21st Independent Parachute Company
The Red Cross at Rhenen by John Howes
Copy of the speech by Arno Baltussen during the unveiling of the General Stanislaw Sosabowski statue 23rd September 2017
Some comments on the film "A Bridge to Far" written at the time

Newsletter Number 39 - October 2017
The Presidents address from the AGM by Robert Voskuil
Secretary's Spot - highlights of the commemeration weekend
Wreath laying at Bruumen & Ede
Report on the new format for the battlefield tour after the AGM
Mike Dauncey wreath laying at Oosterbeek old church
An appeal by student Keiran Maye
A second culvert at Wolfheze by John Howes
Obituary of Brigadier Michael (Mike) Dauncey DSO
Report by Colonel John Waddy
Card written to a ex POW by neighbours on his return - Kevin Barnes
Sale and report on Captain Hoyer-Miller medals
Can you help identify the soldier in the picture

Newsletter Number 38 - September 2017
Secretay's Spot - AGM Friday 15th September (new location)
Fellowship walk
Saturday 16th September Ginkel Heath
Sunday 17th September Oosterbeek Cemetary
Edward Ernest Sidney Ralph by John Howes
"Freddie Gough's specials at Arnhem" by Bob Hilton
"Freddie Gough's specials at Arnhem" Part 2 by Niall Cherry
"Freddie Gough's specials at Arnhem" Part 3
Letter from Pegasus discussing the abbreviation of Parachute Battalion
Report of the Fellwship Battlefield tour by Richard Graham
Report of the 101st Airborne tour in Wiltshire in July by Kevin Barnes
2 reports concerning the 10th Parachute Battalion

Newsletter Number 37 - June 2017
Secretay's Spot - AGM Friday 15th September (new location)
Saturday 16th September Ginkel Heath
Sunday 17th September Oosterbeek Cemetary
Poem by Tom Smith 1st Parachute Brigade
Part 4 of the 6km marker stone
"What happened to the Coup de Main assault on the Bridges" by John Howes
Information on Col Hilaro Barlow
Recovery & Identification unit Royal Netherlands Army

Newsletter Number 36 - April 2017
Secretay's Spot Request for articles for the newsletter
Dutch representative Trustee Hiltje Van Eck receives the British Empire Medal
Obituary for Peter Wilkinson RA and Leo Hall RA and their exploits during the battle
Obituary of Cpl Les McCreesh by his son Don, of his time in Arnhem
Airborne cloth badge of 10th Battalion & Light Regiment RA
Part 3 of the 6km marker stone
New visitor centre at the Bridge

Newsletter Number 35 - February 2017
Secretary's Spot - New President Robert Voiskuil and introduction
New members of the Committee
Praise for David Locke & Niall Cherry by John Gerring for events in September.
A brief account of the Battlefield Walk in September
Discussion points - 6 KM marker stone massacre (Part 2)
A tribute to Captain Alfons Wiktor Mackowiak "Alan Mack" by Graham Francis
The Mystery of Chalk 890 by Graham Francis

Newsletter Number 34 - December 2016
Chairman's end of year message.
Secretary's Spot - Treasurer Banks Middleton standing down and replacement announced.
Internment of the ashes of Gunner Doug Shaw 20/10/16
Report on the 151/156 Parachute Battalion reunion at Melton Mowbray in October.
Walhampton School welcomes ten Arnhem Veterans for the opening of a Remembrance Garden.
Discussion points - 6 KM marker stone massacre (Part 1)

Newsletter Number 33 - November 2016
Secretary's Spot - Thanks to helpers in September and membership increases.
President, Chairman and Secretary's reports for the AGM.
Fellowship Walk - numbers increase annually
Discussions around the battle:
1. Urqhart's movements
2. Choice of DZ/LZ and flak defences
3. Future report on the "6km marker stone atrocity"
Pte Albert Willingham's Headstone corrected and his story
1st Bn The Border Regiment soldiers identified and graves re-dedicated
New book by David Van Buggenum "B Company Arrived The Men"
Hotel Dreyeroord Sunday 18th September wreath laying ceremony

Newsletter Number 32 - August 2016
Secretary's Spot - Visit to Museum of Army Flying
AGM Friday 16th September 2016 @ 1200 in the Concert hall Oosterbeek
Fellowship Walk starting @ 1430
Ginkel Heath Saturday 17th September 2016 Fellowship area open from 0900
Oosterbeek/Arnhem Cemetery 18th September 2016 Coffee/Tea available
Hotel Dreyeroord Oosterbeek wreath laying ceremony Sunday 18th September
Use of the PIAT (Projectile Infantry Anti Tank) from information found at the National Archives @ Kew
Report of the Fellowship attending "The Pompey para's" on Saturday 9th July
Report of the Fellowship visit to Airborne Assault at IWM Duxford on Saturday 2nd July
1958 Airborne Pilgrimage Programme

Newsletter Number 31 - June 2016
Secretary's Spot - September events:
AGM Friday 16th September 2016 @ 1200
Fellowship Walk starting @ 1430
Ginkel Heath Saturday 17th September 2016 Fellowship area open from 0900
Oosterbeek/Arnhem Cemetery 18th September 2016 Coffee/Tea available
Highlands & islands Annual Arnhem Remembrance Dinner
Bob Hilton article about his work at Air Assault etc
Report on the Arnhem Fellowship Weekend 23rd - 24th April 2016
Presentation of Desert Rise Arnhem Descent to Henry Wishart 10th Parachute Battalion Veteran

Newsletter Number 30 - April 2016
Secretary's Spot - Fellowship Walk April 2016 - Comments about the Fellowship from anon member and the response of the Chairman to those accusations.
Arnhem memorial at Burford Priory Oxfordshire
Article from  Frank Ashleigh - Glider Pilot at Arnhem
Correction to the Roll of honour found - Robert Sigmond
Article from Col J Waddy about 156 Parachute battalion

Newsletter Number 29 - February 2016
Secretary's Spot - Information on the programme for September
Obituary for Gerry Dimmock
Obituary for Reg Curtis
Short story about Eddie Maston 156 Parachute Battalion
Polish Consulate in Manchester plaque unveiling and information from Niall Cherry on the Polish actions during the battle
Various websites updates and request for volunteers to post the newsletter to veterans.
Final call for the Fellowship tour in April

Newsletter Number 28 - December 2015
Secretary's Spot - Reminder for annual members for 2016
Membership over 450
The story of Driver John Joseph Kennell By Lt Geert Jonker OC RIU
151/156 Parachute Battalion Association reunion
Obituary Norman Henry "Harry" Dicken
The Apeldoorn train 26th September 1944
John Grayburn VC Photographs
Driel October 2015 - 7th Battalion Hampshire Regiment
Doug Charlton DVD "Ten days at Arnhem"
Christmas shopping "Books for sale"
Don't always believe what you see on the internet!

Newsletter Number 27 - October 2015
Message from the Chairman and AGM report
President AGM report
Secretary's spot - Increase in membership fees 2016
Membership now at over 450
Cleminson tree and booklet
Obituary Padre Selwyn Thorne
Burial of Dvr John Kennell
Internment of ashes of Harold Padfield, Syd Blackmore and Jack Bruce
Report on the Fellowship walk by John Gerring

Newsletter Number 26 - August 2015
Final reminders for September 2015
17th September 1730 - AGM at the Concert Hall
18th September 1100 / 1200 Interment of ashes @ Arnhem Oosterbeek CWGC cemetery
18th September 1330 - Fellowship Walk
18th September 1600 - 2 Members signing their new book in Oosterbeek
19th September - Ginkel Heath opens @ 0900
20th September - Arnhem Oosterbeek CWGC cemetery - Tea & Coffee stall
Review of the DVD "Last Words"
21st IPC Christmas card 1944
Information about John "Jack" Grayburn VC

Newsletter Number 25 - June 2015
Secretary's Spot - volunteers needed in September
London Taxi Drivers Trip in May
Assistance required - location of a house mentioned by the late Austin Brearton
Dont believe everything you read, see or hear (3 examples of myths)
An interesting headstone in Overloon Cemetary

Newsletter Number 24 - April 2015
Tony Hibbert Memorial
Possible Battlefield tour 2016
Arrangements for September 2015
Ken Fleet 156 Parachute Battalion obituary
Derrick Randall RAMC obituary
Account of Lt E A James MC - 3rd Parachute Battalion
The Isle of Man and Arnhem
Appeal from member Richard Jopson

Newsletter Number 23 - February 2015
Advance notice for September 2015
Harry Padfield Obituary - 1st Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers
Ray Sherriff Obituary - 3rd Parachute Battalion
Tanno Pieterse MBE Obituary
Account of Taffy Philips - 181 A/L Field Ambulance RAMC
Book seen on Amazon

Newsletter Number 22 - December 2014
Secretary's Spot - Annual Subscriptions

Books available
Report on the funeral of Major Tony Hibbert
Inside the Wire - Deane-Drummond bust at Colcherter
memorial tree - Rock Barracks
Internment of ashes of Joe Roberts REME, and information on the REME deployment during the battle

Newsletter Number 21 - November 2014
Tony Hibbert 1st parachute Brigade Obituary
Introduction from the new Chairman David Locke - including AGM & Cleminson Tree
Secretary's Spot - Youtube clip, daily Mail, thanks to members
The 7th Hampshires on the south bank at Driel
Book News - Travel by Dark

Newsletter Number 20 - August 2014
Secretary's Spot - AGM information
Points raised from the book - A Few Vital Hours
Reaction to the article on Deane-Drummond
Reaction to the aricle on the 4th Parachute Brigade foxholes
Article about Lt Donald Douglass - 2nd Parachute Battalion

Newsletter Number 19 - June 2014
Secretary's Spot - Information about September
Report on Wolfheze to Oosterbeek battlefied walk April 2014 - and the 4th Parachute Brigade Foxholes location
Jan Rudolphie MBE - Obituary
Deane-Drummond in our attic

Newsletter Number 18 - April 2014
Double Hills Memorial Service - background information
The story of August Bakhuis-Roozeboom - Dutch Commando
Debt of Dishonour DVD

Newsletter Number 17 - February 2014
Update on the Air Despatch Memorial
Future Events:
The 70th Anniversary Arnhem Service, Down Ampney
The 70th Anniverasry Arnhem Commemoration Lunch, Moor Park Golf Club
Article on Myrtle
Martien Van Barneveld - No 10 (Inter Allied) Commando
Books available

Newsletter Number 16 - December 2013
Secretary's Spot - Annual membership - books for sale
Last Post from October AVC newsletter
Arnhen message recently sold, Urquhart message to Browning
Commemoration at Wageningen 18 September 2013
The Cockerel returns'
The 70th Anniversary Arnhem Service, Down Ampney
The 70th Anniverasry Arnhem Commemoration Lunch, Moor Park Golf Club

Newsletter Number 15 - October 2013
Secretary's Spot - Report on AGM
News - New Memorial for the 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron
Airborne related items - document captured in Crete
Boys Anti-Tank Rifle
Item from the Arnhem Veterans Club

Newsletter Number 14 - August 2013
Secretary's Spot - numbering of newsletters
Ginkel Heath - Volunteers needed
AGM - Agenda
Last Post from June AVC Newsletter
Graffiti found in house in Oosterbeek
'Arnhem A Few Vital Hours'
Ringway visitors book on Disc

Newsletter Number 13 - June 2013
Secretary's Spot - Information for September - Fellowship AGM - New tent at Ginkel Heath
Information about the Glider Pilot Regiment at Arnhem from PRO
Location of photograph of Lt Col Rotter - Polish Parachute Brigade
Book launch 'A Few Vital Hours'

Newsletter Number 12 - April 2013
Appointment of a new President - Maj Gen Keith Spacie
Lt Col David Russell - Obituary
1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron Memorial Unveiling
Seen on the internet - 9mm ammunition found in Norway Op Freshman
John J Barber 4th Dorsets - to be added to Roll of Honour
Forthcoming Arnhem publication - 'A few Vital Hours'

Newsletter Number 11 - February 2013
Resignation of Fellowship Chairman - Malcolm Simpson
'Theirs is the Glory - video of the walk September 2012
Anthony Deane-Drummond - Obituary
Wilfred Robinson - Obituary
Passed Away - Joe Smith 21st Independent Parachute Company
Owen McClory 11th Parachute Battalion
Fred Ponsford Glider Pilot Regiment
Events in 2013 in conjunction with SFAM
For sale 'I played the piano and made the tea'

Newsletter Number 10 - December 2012
Secretary's spot - Old AVC newsletters stories - Membership reminder
Karel Johan Grazell - Obituary
Jan Hey MBE - Obituary
No 1 PTS Visitors Book
Glider Pilots in Sicily - P&S Offer
Passed Away - Wilfred Robinson 3rd Parachute Battalion
Anthony Deane-Drummond - Divisional Signals
Appeal for POW Postcards

Newsletter Number 9 - November 2012
New Chairman - Malcolm Simpson MBE
Thanks to Robert Sigmond for 2012 guidebook
151/156 Parachute Battalion Association's reunion
1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron memorial - update
Christmas presents available (books etc)

Newsletter Number 8 - October 2012
Report of the Arnhem Fellowship Events held 21st September

Revisting 'Theirs Is The Glory' battlefield walk
Johan Snoek - Obituary
Dinner in aid of the Parachute Regiment Afghan Trust

Newsletter Number 7 - September 2012
Secretary's Spot - AGM
Remains Found at Ginkel Heath

Newsletter Number 6 - July 2012
Secretary's Spot - AGM Agenda & Felloswhip walk information
'Nine Days at Arnhem' Reprint
Lecture at Museum of Army flying Middle Wallop
Merchandise available at the AGM

Newsletter Number 5 - May 2012
Secretary's Spot - AGM date - battlefield walk - AGM minutes
WW2 Dig TV programme focusing on 7th Bn Kings Own Scottish Borderers
Book "Arnhem their final battle" 11th Bn The Parachute Regiment & information about
Lt Blackwood MC

Newsletter Number 4 - February 2012
Anniversary of Bruneval Raid & Op Freshman
Information about the September commemorations
Information about aerial photographs
Books & booklets for sale

Newsletter Number 3 - November 2011
Secretary's report on commemorations - including the Hibbert Sword & laying of wreaths
Annual membership reminder
Arnhem story about Lt J Grayburn VC
Disappointing information about an Arnhem TV programme about General Urquhart
WW2 Dig TV programme focusing on 7th Bn Kings Own Scottish Borderers
Allan Smith, nephew of Brian Desmond Smith of "Theirs is the glory"

Newsletter Number 2 - August 2011
Webmaster needed
First AGM "change of venue"
Information on the battlefield walk 16/09/2011
Membership cards sent out
Story of the "missing passwords"
Latest books about the battle
National Army Museum lecture on 1st Parachute Brigade in North Africa

Newsletter Number 1 - May 2011
Secretary's Introduction
First meeting held in London
First AGM date & agenda
Membership cards & annual renewal dates
Fellowship battlefield walk 16/09/2011
Colonel Waddy print for sale
New Arnhem booklet "Arnhem Surgeon"