Memorial Wall

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Jeff Noble
156 Parachute Battalion
04/06/2020 aged 96

William Millington
156 Parachute Battalion
27/05/2020 aged 95

Sydney Hulls
1st FOU RA
21/05/2020 aged 96

Sandy Cortmann
3rd Parachute Battalion
23/05/2020 aged 97

Stanislaw Bajkowski
1st Polish Parachute Battalion
23/04/2020 aged 94

Lawrence Martin
Royal Signals
29/03/2020 aged 96

Mike Brown
22/03/2020 aged 96

Archie Lyon
?Feb 2020 Aged 97

Lloyd Bentley
48 Sqn RAF
10/02/2020 aged 98

Charles Bryce
30/01/2020 aged 96

Bruce Cox
3rd Parachute Battalion
30/01/2020 aged 95

John Bonome
21/01/2020 aged 96

Ralph Norbury
15/01/2020 aged 100

Basil Reading
21st IPC
10/01/2020 aged 94

Jozef Wojciechowski
2nd Polish Parachute Battalion
08/01/2020 aged ?

Joe Mawdsley
1st Border Regiment
05/11/2019 aged 94

David Rennie
10th Parachute Battalion
20/10/2019 aged 94

Edward Maston
156 Parachute Battalion
belated entry October 2018 aged 93

Allan Herbert
2nd South Staffords
belated entry 18/06/1991 aged 69

Richard Long
15/12/2019 aged 98

Frank Peacock
4th Parachute Squadron RE
? Aged 97

Bob Quayle
1st Parachute Battalion
19/07/2019 aged 97

John Bellamy 
05/05/2019 aged 100

Tim Shea
1st Parachute Battalion
August 2019 aged 104

Jack Reynolds
2nd South Staffords
22/08/2019 aged 97

Frank Knee
REME attached 1st Border Regiment
30/10/2018 aged 97

Peter Faithorne
21st IPC
19/11/2018 aged 96

Walter Bentley
570 Sqn RAF
27/11/2018 aged 97

Harry Linguard
1st Airlanding Light Regiment RA
November 2018 aged 96

Arthur Brice
'D' Company, 2nd Battalion
South Staffordshire Regiment,
number 568192
Died aged 96.

Dennis Cutting 
250 Company RASC
Dec 2018 aged 95

Stephen Jackson 
11th Parachute Battalion
06/01/2019 aged 98

Charles Murray
7th KOSB belated entry
sometime in 2018

Pawel Prychidko
1st PPB
07/01/2019 aged 95

Ken Mead
GPR 17/12/2018
aged ?

Iris Young
Widow 20/12/2018

George Barton
7th KOSB
05/03/2019 aged 99

David Dobson
7th KOSB belated entry
21/08/2019 aged 94

Steve Morgan
2nd Parachute Battalion
20/3/2019 aged 93

Jack Baker 
1st Parachute Battalion
01/04/2019 aged 95

Wally Smith
4th Dorsets
10/04/2019 aged 95

Tom Abbott
1st Para Brigade Signals J Section
16/04/2019 aged 95

David Parker 
7th KOSB
01/014/2019 aged 94

John Cowhey
2nd Parachute Battalion
28/4/2019 aged 95

Ronald Gibbs 
1st Airlanding Light Regiment RA
03/05/2019 aged 95

Tom Bowden
RCS attached 156 Parachute Battalion
10/06/2019 aged 97

Peter Faithorn
21st Independent Parachute Company, 3 Platoon
19/11/2018 Aged 96

Frank Knee
REME attached 1st Battalion The Border Regiment
30/10/2018 Aged 97

Stanislaw Opalacz
1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade

Des Page
2 Wing, E Squadron, Glider Pilot Regiment
15/05/2018 Aged 94

Peter Clarke
1 Wing, G Squadron, 10 Flight, Glider Pilot Regiment
03/04/18 Aged 96

William Parker
Royal Signals attached 4th Parachute Brigade
March 2018

Ronald Miles
1st Airborne Reconnaissance Sqn, C Troop
07/03/2018 Aged 94

Alec James
1 Wing, G Squadron, 24 Flight, Glider Pilot Regiment
12/02/18 Aged 95

Fred Jordan
11th Parachute Battalion, Mortar Platoon
18/01/2018 Aged 98

Edwin Cramp
2 Platoon, 21st Independent Parachute Company
09/01/18 Aged 91

Edward (Ted) Short
11th Parachute Battalion, A Company, 2 Platoon
08/01/18 Aged 97

Wladyslaw Lenc
1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade

Alan Hartley
Ground crew, 271 Squadron RAF, Down Ampney
25/12/17 Aged 93

Antoni Snarski
3rd Battalion, 9 Company, 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade
21/12/17 Aged 96

MIke Hall
2 Wing, F Squadron, 14 Flight, Glider Pilot Regiment
15/12/17 Aged 97

Peter Stainforth
1st Parachute Squadron RE, B Troop
13/12/17 Aged 96

William Gilder
2nd Parachute Battalion, HQ Company, MMG Platoon

Norman (Hugh) Ashmore
3 Platoon, 21st Independent Parachute Company

David Whiteman
181 A/L Field Ambulance attached 1st A/L Light Regt RA, RAMC
09/11/17 Aged 98

John (Jack) (Griff) Griffiths
1 Wing, A Sqn, 17 Flight  Glider Pilot Regiment
05/11/17 Aged 95

Lewis Golden
Royal Signals - Divisional Signals detachment
27/10/17 Aged 94

John (Jack) Burrow
2 Wing, F Sqn, 16 Flight, Glider Pilot Regiment

Czeslaw Smyk
1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade, 3rd Battalion
06/09/2017 Aged 97

Arthur Letchford
2nd Parachute Battalion, Mortar Platoon
06/09/2017 Aged 93

Michael (Mike) Dauncey
1 Wing, G Sqn, 9 Flight Glider Pilot Rent
23/08/17 Aged 97

Kenneth (Ken) Anderton
1 Wing, D Sqn, 21 Flight, Glider Pilot Regiment
22/08/2017 Aged 98

William Mason
2nd Parachute Battalion, Mortar Platoon
22/08/2017 Aged 94

Thomas Northgraves (Tommy)
1st Battalion The Border Regiment, 19 Platoon, D Company
August 2017 Aged 98

Victor Hubbard
1st A/L Anti-Tank Tank Battey Royal Artillery
05/08/17 Aged 98

John (Jack) Wilde
2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment. A Coy, 10 Platoon.
09/07/17 Aged 91

Harry Cund
2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment, B Coy, 13 Platoon

Shamus Miles
2nd A/L Anti-Tank Battery Royal Artillery
03/07/17 Aged 93

Neville Griffin (Bill)
Headquarters 1st Airborne Division
02/07/17 Aged 93

Frederick (Fred) Weatherley
Company HQ, 21st Independent Parachute Company
25/04/17 Aged 95

Kenneth Whitaker
2 Wing, E Sqn, Glider Pilot Regiment
14/04/17 Aged 96

Tom Smith
3 Parachute Battalion

Geoffrey Thompson
1 Wing, D Sqn, Glider Pilot Regiment
27/02/17 Aged 97

Dennis (Teddy) Norris
1 Wing, G Sqn, Glider Pilot Regiment
14/02/17 Aged 97

Frederick Winser
1st A/L Anti Tank Battery, Royal Artillery
Feb 2017 Aged 93

Leslie "Les" McCreesh
2nd Parachute Battalion, HQ Coy, Assault/Anti Platoon
09/02/17 Aged 95

Alfons Mackowiak "Alan Mack"
1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade
31/01/17 Aged 100

John Wilkinson
156th Parachute Battalion, A Coy, 3 Platoon
24/01/17 Aged 96
(information via Pegasus Archive)

Peter W Wilkinson
1st A/L Light Regt Royal Artillery
20/01/17 Aged 94

Reginald "Reg" Wright
10th Parachute Battalion, D Coy, 17 Platoon
17/01/17 Aged 99

Edward (Alec/Ted) Ralph
1 Wing, A Sqn, 17 Flight, Glider Pilot Regiment
17/01/17 Aged 93

Walter Cain
1st Bn The Border Regiment, Support Coy, 25 A/T Platoon
14/01/17 aged 94

Ted Brown
1st Parachute Battalion. Seaborne Tail

Jim Duplock
11th Parachute Battalion.
10/12/16 aged 96

Roy Palmer
1st Airborne Reconnaissance Sqn.
10/12/16 aged 95

Leo Hall
1st A/L Light Regiment, Royal Artillery, 3rd Bty, E Troop.
05/12/16 aged 95

Gordon Harding
3rd Parachute Battalion, C Coy, 5 Platoon.
03/12/16 aged 94

James "Jamie" Hall
1st Battalion The Border Regiment, HQ Company, Signals Platoon Attached A Company. 30/11/16 aged 91

Arthur Armour
Divisional Signals, C Section (Lines)
15/11/16 aged 96

Harry Bankhead
156 Parachute Battalion, C Company
13/11/16 aged 96

John Simpkins
1st Parachute Sqn Royal Engineers
31/10/2016 Aged 96

Maurice Hewitt
Divisional Signals
13/10/16 aged 95.

Thomas Reynolds
2nd Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery RA.
08/10/2016 Aged 96

Edward Phillips
3rd Parachute Battalion, HQ Company
08/09/2016 Aged 104

Ken Cranefield DFC
233 Squadron RAF 17/09/16 aged 94.

Karol Niczyperowicz
1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade

Donald Cameron
7th Battalion Kings Own Scottish Borderers, A Company, 2 Platoon
18/08/16 aged 93

Colin Hall
10th Parachute Battalion, D Company, 17 Platoon.
13/08/16 aged 94.

Reginald Warrener
1st Battalion The Border Regiment.
August 2016 aged 93.

William Stubbings
3rd Parachute Battalion, C Company, 9 Platoon.
30/07/16 Aged 94.

Doug Shaw
1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery RA.
04/07/2016 Aged 92

Alexander (Sandy) Masterton
1st Battalion The Border Regiment
25 Anti Tank Platoon, Support Company
24/06/2016 Aged 93

James Henry Minto
7th Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers, Support Coy, Mortar Platoon.
08/06/2016 Aged 93

Tim Price
11th Parachute Battalion, HQ Coy, Signals Platoon.
05/06/2016 Aged 95

Jake Disdel
1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery RA, C Troop.
28/04/2016  Aged 96

Reg Mawdsley
1st Battalion The Border Regiment , HQ Coy, Signals Platoon.
23/04/2016  Aged 91

Albert Aldcroft
4th Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers.
26/03/2016 Aged 96

Jimmy Green
133 Parachute Field Ambulance, attached 156 Parachute Battalion.
18/02/2016 Aged 91

Dennis Mckeown
2nd Bn South Staffordshire Regiment. Support Company, Medium Machine Gun Platoon
09/02/2016  Aged 93

R.P (Harry) Rice
1st Parachute Battalion, S Company, Mortar Platoon
06/02/2016 Aged 93

Reg (Lofty) Curtis
1st Parachute Battalion. S Company. Mortar Platoon.
Wounded 18/09/1944 and taken prisoner.
29/01/2016 Aged 95

Bernard (Tony) Constable
10th Parachute Battalion, Mortar Platoon, Support Company
26/01/2016 Aged 97

Edward Ralph
1 Wing, A Sqn, 17 Flight Glider Pilot Regiment.
17/01/2016 aged 93

Charles Weir
1st Parachute Sqn Royal Engineers
Escaped across the Rhine after being at Arnhem Bridge.
11/01/2016 Aged 95

Sydney Mann
1st Bn The Border Regiment. D Company.
Wounded and taken prisoner 20/09/1944
D Coy. 02/01/2016 Aged 93

John Hately
156th Parachute Battalion.
4 Platoon, A Company wounded and taken prisoner in the woods on 20/09/1944.
24/12/2015. Aged 93

Ernest Rodgers
2nd Parachute Battalion. 25/11/2015

John Haley (Mike)
HQ Coy, 156th Parachute Battalion.
17/11/2015 Aged 91

Harry Howard
2 Wing, F Sqn, 16 Flight Glider Pilot Regiment.
16/11/2015 Aged 96

Gerry Dimmock
MT Sect, HQ Coy, 10th Parachute Battalion.
14/11/2015 Aged 92

John Ranger
20 Platoon, D Coy, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment.
November 2015

Harry Dicken (Lofty)
Inteliigence Section, HQ Coy, 10th Parachute Battalion.
23/10/2015 Aged 91

Ken Hoyle
7 Platoon, B Coy, 7th Battalion Kings Own Scottish Borderers.
26/09/2015 Aged 90

William Humphreys
MMG Platoon, HQ Coy, 2nd Parachute Battalion.
25/09/2015 Aged 94

Bernard Parsons
It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Bernard Parsons Glider Pilot Regiment on 17/09/15. Aged 94.

Gerald Infield (Leslie)
It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Leslie Infield, OC 8 Platoon,C Company, 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment on 07/09/15 aged 94.Leslie was one of the few members of the 3rd Battalion who made it to Arnhem Bridge.

Vic Capper
It is with great sadness that we report the death of Vic Capper of the 4th Parachute Squadron  Royal Engineers in September 2015 aged 96.

Harold Herbert (Harry)
Mortar Platoon, Support Coy, 10th Parachute Battalion.
26/08/2015 Aged 91

Rev (Padre) Selwyn Thorne
It is great sadness that we report the death of Rev Selwyn Thorne aged 101 on Saturday 23/08/15. Selwyn served with the 1st A/L Light Regiment during the battle and was subsequently taken prisoner and held at Stalag XIB Fallingbostal. 01/03/1914 - 23/08/2015

Dennis Freebury
It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Dennis Freebury of the Royal Army Service Corps on 16/06/15 aged 93.

Norman Thomas (Toby)
4th Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers.
30/04/2015 Aged 98

Herbert Harget (Bert)
2 Wing, E Sqn, 25 Flight, Glider Pilot Regiment.
12/03/2015 Aged 96

Kenneth Patterson (Ken)
1st A/L Anti Tank Battery Royal Artillery.
09/03/2015 Aged 90

Doctor Derrick Randall
It is with regret that I write of the death of Doctor Derrick Randall, aged 93, on Sunday 1st March 2015.
At Arnhem, he was RMO to the HQ Royal Artillery, and was involved in the running of the Regimental Aid Post in the Hartenstein for most of the battle.
He will be greatly missed.

John James (Jesse)
Anti Tank Platoon, Support Coy, 2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment.
22/02/2015 Aged 90

Austin Brearton MBE
Austin, who served as a member of the 1st Forward Observation Unit RA at Arnhem, sadly HAS passed away. Out of the 73 men from this unit who took off for Holland in September 1944,  by the end of the battle, 7 had been killed, 23 had returned across the Rhine including Austin and 43 were posted as missing.
In 2005 Austin was awarded and MBE for his 20-years service as Secretary of the Arnhem Veterans Club.
He will be greatly missed.
21/02/15 Aged 92

Gordon Penfold
B Coy, 3rd Parachute Battalion.
22/01/2015 Aged 89

Sgt 5671600 S.L.G. (Gus) Garnsworthy
1st A/L Anti Tank Bty R.A. C Troop, C1 Gun Cmdr.
Died 21/1/1986 aged 65 years.