Joint working with the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum

Dear Members,

Please see below a joint statement issued by the Trustees of the Arnhem 1944 Fellowship and the Board of the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum.

The representatives of the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum and the Arnhem 1944 Fellowship have agreed to build a closer working relationship for the future to further our overlapping purposes of ensuring that the history of the Battle of Arnhem continues to be researched and presented both to our own members and to the wider public. To this end, both organisations have agreed to work towards a jointly produced publication to be issued early in 2023, details of which will follow shortly. Both organisations hope that this will be the first step in a longer-term relationship for which there is no set agenda but which will develop with time and the experience of working together. 

We hope to start a regular exchange of articles from our respective newsletter/magazines in the Autumn.

As part of this joint working, I have also agreed with Luuk Buist (and the Society of Friends) that the series of articles he is currently producing for their magazine on the content and location of German PKK photographs at the Battle of Arnhem will be reproduced as an addendum to our newsletters going forward.

John Gerring, Honorary Secretary