About the Fellowship

The Arnhem 1944 Fellowship is a charity registered in the United Kingdom.

The Fellowship exists to:

  • Maintain the unique bonds of friendship forged during the Battle of Arnhem in Holland during 1944.
  • Provide a forum for veterans of the Battle to share and record their experiences for the benefit of future generations and serving members of the Armed Forces.
  • Assist in the preservation of heritage connected with the Battle.
  • Commemorate and remember the acts of bravery, sacrifice and loss of life during the Battle.
  • Educate the public about the history of the Battle.

The Fellowship was founded by Sir James Cleminson, Tony Hibbert, Mike Dauncey, John Waddy, Banks Middleton and Harvey Grenville.

It was formally established at an inaugural meeting in London on 6 June 2010 and registered with the Charity Commission for England & Wales on the 17th of that month.

The Fellowship's affairs are managed by a number of elected and co-opted trustess who form a Committee and carry out activities according to the terms of the Constitution. (Click on link for further information.)

The Fellowship has an open membership and invites applications from any person supporting the aims of the charity. For further information click here.

A copy of our GDPR policy can be found here: