News 2013

28 September
I hope members will agree that the commemoration weekend was a success with the Fellowship slowly but surely gaining stength. I was pleased that we supported the (successful) campaign to get the Recce Squadron Memorial ‘officially approved’ even if several ‘ obviously well informed and knowledgeable’ individuals have posted on the internet that the Fellowship was not involved. A special mention to our member Chris for being the driving force behind this. Thanks to our Dutch members Bob and Jon for sending me a number of photos from the weekend which I have added to the Arnhem 2013 page. 

I would like to mention again Robert Sigmond and RN Sigmond Publications for the magnificent guide book for the Fellowship walk. A few copies are still available and if interested please contact the Fellowship. 

27 July
New page added regarding Veterans Information. The Fellowship is pleased to announce that a small group of their members have agreed to share information on veterans that they have obtained over the years and if interested you are kindly directed to this new page called ‘Requests for Information.’

The Fellowship has been working with the No 1 Parachute Training School PJI Association and Airborne Assault Duxford on obtaining from a ‘private source’ the ‘Guest Book’ of No 1 PTS by its first commander Squadron Leader later Wing Commander Newnham. It was arranged for the book to be digitally photographed and the Fellowship is being allowed to sell discs with these images. The disc totals around 90 images and contains numerous inscriptions from visiting servicemen and dignitaries, photographs, newspapers cuttings and a record of the then OC’s own parachute descents. There is also a photographic record of the first descent into water and has photographic records of visits by King George VI, Winston and Clementine Churchill and Major General Roy Urquhart, Important signatories include George Duke of Kent, Alan Brooke, shortly before he became Chief of the Imperial General Staff and Churchill’s chief military advisor. Other signatures include from an Arnhem/Airborne perspective Gale, Urquhart, Des Voeux, Smyth, F/Sgt Cox of Bruneval fame and Micky Thomas the CO of the 11th Parachute Battalion. 

Priced at £10 only to Fellowship members plus £1.50 postage in the UK, £2 Europe and please ask for other destinations. Payment by Paypal is subject to a 5% surcharge due to their commission charges. The proceeds from sales are being split between the Fellowship and Airborne Assault. 

As some of you may be aware who attended theTheirs is the Glory walk in September 2012 the event was filmed and a short video is available to watch on-line via the following link: