Membership of the “Fellowship” is open to civilian and military veterans of the “Battle of Arnhem”, their relatives and to all people who support the work of the charity.

Surviving members of the Arnhem Veterans Club will be registered as Honorary Life Members of the Fellowship.

To simplify our administration all annual memberships run from 1 January and expire on 31 December each year. The annual membership fee is a flat rate regardless of which month you join.

There is also a closed Facebook group for members - if you are a new member please apply to join if you wish.


Have you introduced members of your family or friends to the Fellowship?
Have you made them aware of our existence?
Do they have a family connection to the Battle or a need for knowledge and information about the events of September 1944?
If you have changed your email address please let me know as email is the Fellowship’s main form of contact.

Dutch Member Sign-up / Nederlands Lidmaatschap

Nederlandse leden kunnen de Fellowship op de volgende bankrekening betalen: NL93INGB0753165031 Deze staat namens de Fellowship op naam van ons Nederlandse bestuurslid Mw. H van Eck.

Na de transactie graag een email sturen met uw naam adres en emailadres naar

Onze hartelijke dank.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Het Bestuur

Membership fees

The membership fees are as follows:

Membership for UK / ROW

Membership for Europe