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One FREE 75th Anniversary Commemorative Poster of the Battle of Arnhem per person for the first 10 books ordered

Arnhem: Walking in Their Footsteps (new hardback version)

Recently released hardback version including new information and photographs, with the first 10 books ordered bearing the signature of Major Jeffrey Noble, Officer Commanding the MMG Platoon at Arnhem.

This book of 128 pages contains maps, photographs and the stories of individual soldiers.  It concentrates on Brigadier Shan Hackett’s 4th Parachute Brigade’s HQ and the 156 Parachute Battalion during the first three days of fierce fighting at Arnhem.  The book culminates in new information regarding the escape and subsequent death of two evaders and changes the previously accepted conclusion of Operation Pegasus as a result of research done by historian John Howes.

Price for members in the UK, including post and packing, is £23.00 and for overseas buyers p&p P.O.A.

From Delhi to Arnhem

This book of over 430 pages is the story of the formation of the 156 Parachute Battalion in India in 1941, the invasion of Italy, and the parachute drop in Arnhem in 1944.  It is packed with maps and photographs, whilst following the stories of 12 paratroopers from different backgrounds.  In addition, it covers much of the fighting by the 1st Airborne Division at Arnhem and describes the role played by the 156.  Much of the action includes the close-quarter fighting in the woods near Arnhem and in the streets of Oosterbeek, giving an insight into the struggle to survive of those left behind the lines after the battle, including their various escape attempts.  This Battalion’s tenacious attitude in battle and their refusal to give in contributed to the 156 suffering the highest percentage loss of all the battalions that fought at Arnhem.

Price for members in the UK, including post and packing, is £30.00 and for overseas buyers p&p P.O.A.

75th Commemorative Tankard of the Battle of Arnhem

Made of fine bone china, these tankards have been produced by the family of 156 veteran Les Lockett in their Staffordshire factory.  The tankard features the small HQ of Colonel John Waddy’s B Company.  The photograph was taken just before Arnhem by his second-in-command Hector Montgomery in 1944.  Hector lost his camera in the battle when he was seriously wounded in Wolfheze near Arnhem.

Price for members in the UK, including post and packing, is £29.00 and for overseas buyers p&p P.O.A.


Arnhem: Walking in Their Footsteps is £23.00 (for overseas buyers p&p P.O.A.)

From Delhi to Arnhem £30.00 (for overseas buyers p&p P.O.A.)

Book enquiries to or telephone 01949 851354.

Send your name and address with cheque payable to John O’Reilly at Thoroton Hall, Main Street, Thoroton, Nottinghamshire, NG13 9DS.


For enquiries please phone Edwards & Lockett Ltd on +44 (0) 1782 319792.
To get your tankard, send your cheque to: Edwards & Lockett Ltd., 196-200 Normanton Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST3 1QF.

A proportion of the sale of all three items will help with the costs of the 156 Parachute Battalion Association Reunions both in Arnhem and Melton Mowbray.  In this special commemorative year, 135 people attended the 156 Reunion service in Melton and around 50 family members who went to Arnhem took part in a battlefield tour to walk in the footsteps of their relatives.

***Please  note The Fellowship  is NOT involved with the ordering process!***

News 2011

5th December 2011
We have received a communication from Magdalena Dzierzanowska, a great niece of Wojciech Grazul, the Polish engineer whose headstone we helped restore along with the Durham PRA.See her message in the Guest Book area.

26th September 2011
At the risk of upsetting our first Chairman I thought you might like to be aware that at a special dinner in Heelsum on Saturday 17/09/2011 hosted by the Colonel Commandant of the Parachute Regiment Major-General J Shaw (but known to some of us as OC 6 Platoon B Company 3 Para in 1982) presented the ‘Hibbert Sword’ to Tony in recognition of all his work for the Airborne Forces. Tony was asked at the dinner if he would consider giving the sword back to be presented annually to a young officer of the Parachute Regiment who displays the ‘Hibbert Spirit’…he was happy to do this. 

Also at the same dinner our Dutch representative Hiltje van Eck was presented with the ‘Van Eck Poignard’ by the British Ambassador to the Netherlands in recognition of her life-long support for Major Tony Hibbert and Veterans of the 1st Airborne Division who fought at Arnhem in 1944.

I’m sure we all wish Tony and Hiltje all the best as they look forward to a well-earned break!Tony Hibbert accepts the “Hibbert Sword”The ‘Van Eck Poignard’ presented to Hiltje van Eck

21st September 2011
The now restored headstone.“As you can see, headstone of ‘Gerry’ Grazul has now been reinstated to as good as new. It is now guaranteed for the next 15 years. I thank you again on behalf of the Durham Branch PRA for your donation”.Dave Featherstone. Durham PRA.A message of gratitude from Durham PRA for the donation by The Fellowship.

22nd August 2011
The Fellowship recently received a request from the Durham branch of the Parachute Regimental Association for assistance in repairing the headstone of a Polish veteran of the battle who had no known relatives.The Fellowship was happy to provide a small sum towards the cost of repairs. Wojciech Grazul was a member of the Polish Engineer Company and died in 1995.The trustees would welcome contact from any member (either at the meeting or by email) who feels they have the time and the skills to contribute to the Fellowship’s development.