Arnhem Commemoration 2015

A selection of photographs of Fellowship and other events from 2015 – all kindly supplied by Jon Dijkstra.

The 2nd Parachute Battalion walk – the three guides -the good, the bad and the ugly.
Marcel Anker relating the exploits of C Company at the brickworks. 
The Fellowship go where other tours fear to thread!
 David van Buggenum relating the story of the Gronert twins near Oosterbeek Laag station
Following in the footsteps of C Company of the 2nd Parachute Battalion
The funeral of Driver John Kennell
John Kennell is carried into the cemetery
 John Kennell is lowered into the ground
The commander of the Dutch Army War Graves Recovery and Identification Unit Lieutenant Geert Jonker salutes the grave
Better weather for the internment of ashes of Harold Padfield the Hon Secretary discussing matters with Fellowship members Robert Sigmond and David Williams
7th KOSB veteran and Fellowship member Geoff Roberts salutes his old friend Harold Padfield
A very special collection of bottles of wine
The very limited edition wine Arnhem Bridge Target Mike One
Signing session of the book Arnhem Bridge Target Mike One Fellowship members Robert Sigmond, Bob Gerritsen and Martijn Cornelissen hard at work
 The Pilgrimage Leader Laurie Weeden and the Fellowship’s Dutch representative Hiltje van Eck
The AGM on Thursday 17th September 2015
The calm before the storm at Ginkel Heath
Discussing whether the clouds will clear – Bob Hilton, Robert Sigmond and the Hon Secretary
The veterans being looked after properly in the Fellowship tent – front row seats and shelter
 Yes you can join the Fellowship here today-   John and Amanda Howes in charge of the admin
If your name is not on the list – John Jansen reminding the Hon Secretary that he needs to get his name on it, ably supported by Bill McVean, Eric Paap John Gerring and Gary James
Helpers at Ginkel Heath Gary James, Martijn Cornelissen, Ytsje de Jong and Gerrit Pijpers

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