Online Membership Application


Please note the trustees reserve the right to reject an application or renewal in exceptional circumstances.

The membership fees are as follows:

Membership for UK/ROW
Annual: £10,-
Lifetime: £70,-

Membership for Europe
Annual: €11,-
Lifetime: €75,-

Step 1

Select the appropriate Paypal button to send us your payment.
If you wish you can also send us a further donation through the Donate page!

Life Membership Subscription

Annual Membership Subscription or Renewal

Dutch applicants who cannot use Paypal or creditcard facilities, can send their contribution to the below ING account details, using their name as the payment reference:

ING bank account  NL 93 INGB 0753 165 031
H van Eck Ede
(Please make sure you include all the characters hi-lighted in red)

Nederlanders die niet met Paypal of creditcard kunnen betalen, kunnen hun contributie storten op

ING Bank rekening NL 93 INGB 0753 165 031 H van Eck Ede met vermelding adres of e-mail.

Step 2
Fill out the application form on this page.

Postal Application Form

If you don't wish to apply online you can print off a postal application form and send a cheque or standing order form to:

The Treasurer
The Arnhem Fellowship
45 Solent Road
Hampshire PO6 1HJ

Click here for a Postal Application Form
Click here for a Standing Order Form

Application form

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    Are You a UK Tax Payer?:

    Do you wish all donations you make on or after the date of this declaration to be treated as Gift Aid?

    Please note to make a gift aid declaration you must pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax equal to the tax we reclaim on your donations.